It was a dream-come-true I got to enjoy when I was growing up. The part that makes for the best story, though, is ...well, a little dangerous.

January 2023

Beauty in near-harvest fields, beauty in rain splashing down in wild, airy countryside and... also something that made me grin.
I dedicate this post (the conclusion of my father-daughter story) to my own dad. (1942-2023) He passed away 2 weeks ago today. . It’s in large part…

February 2022

Take an action. Try to be useful to another human being. Find out what happens next.
Sometimes it looks like awe at watching a pair of tiny feet grow. Sometimes it's the way you can't stand to see your tribe not survive.
"...every time we had a good rain, someone would attribute it to her... Such a brave woman will be praised."

January 2022

"Grandma, you are soooo strong! Now can I have a lollipop?"
"What is wrong with you?": Pascal and Milton weigh in!
"Don't worry... We'll find her."
Using the calendar year as an excuse to think about why I do what I do & what I should've changed anyway.

December 2021

For those times when "no good deed will go unpunished."

October 2021

"It is a wondrous thing to come upon someone unawares and simply watch them."